In the beginning...

My grandfather was a farmer.

He raised animals and cultivated the land.

Later on...

My father worked as a gardner but continued with grandpa’s activity in his spare time.

Eventually raising animals was too much work.

Little by little what where corn fields and other cultures became vineyards.

In 2008 he retired but he is still helping around.

My mother is a teacher and she also helped a lot with all the work in the vineyards. Now mostly with the office.


We pretty much dedicate our time to grape.

Eventually all our fields could be transformed into vineyards. At the moment some of them are being occupied by corn and hay for the horses.

However, for the time-being  this is enough for me to handle, as I am also on active duty in the local fire department.

The  family  tree

grandpa Angelo

my dad: Giovanni

me: Mike


Although I was born in Montreal I grew-up right here. Once finished school and military service I returned to Canada where I studied and worked as an actor. To make-ends-meet I also worked as a waiter and bartender throughout the whole stay.

Than my spirit of adventure took me to Japan for a year and to Spain for a season.

Finally I had the opportunity to work on my own when my father retired.

Funny how you circle around the world, to than return right back where you started.